Welcome to Smoothies Central

Welcome to Smoothies Central!

A smoothie (smootie, smoothies or smoothy) is a thick beverage made from blended raw fruit and/or vegetables, with other ingredients such as water, ice, dairy products or sweeteners.

The whole fruit or vegetable is blended into a thick drink. Smoothies are good for health as the fibre from the fruits and vegetables provide nourishment, filling you up and it also helps to cleanse your bowels.

Fresh smoothies deliver all the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables in the most efficient way possible.

Digestive enzymes, found mainly in raw fruits and vegetables, play several key roles in our health, including converting the food we eat into body tissue and energy. Drinking green smoothies is one of the best methods of obtaining fresh enzymes. 

Enzymes also play a key role in metabolism.  For this reason, consuming smooties can increase your metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate results in more energy and more calories burned.

Green smoothies are essentially a typical fruit smoothie but with the addition of fresh leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, and chard. In addition to leafy greens, green smoothies may also be made using vegetables like celery, cucumbers, and even broccoli.

Because of the sweet fruits that make up the base for a green smoothie, even the flavor of added bitter greens such as kale or dandelion is completely hidden. Instead of tasting spinach or kale, you’ll taste the sweet fruit in the recipe—like bananas and strawberries!

Unlike typical fruit smoothies that often use frozen chunks of fruit, green smoothies call for fresh whole fruits and vegetables. Typically, green smoothies are not made with dairy milk or yogurt. Creamy textured fruits, and sometimes nut milks, give them all of the creamy goodness they need. There are thousands of variations on the green smoothie, so your options for delicious and nutritious flavors are endless!

There are many reasons to drink green smoothies on a daily basis. However, the most popular include:

  1. Easily get five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every single day—without tasting the vegetables.

A banana, an apple, and two large handfuls of fresh baby spinach are all you need to get your recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

If you are not a salad person, or you dread the thought of noshing on food like asparagus, green smoothies provide a way to get your vegetables, especially your greens, without tasting them or dealing with their textures.

  1. Replace unhealthy meals and snacks with fruits and vegetables.

Green smoothies can replace less healthy mid-afternoon snacks. They can also replace a particular meal, like breakfast or lunch. Any one of my weight loss green smoothie recipes is a hearty enough breakfast to keep me full and satisfied until lunch, and they are a much healthier alternative to sugary cereal, muffins, or fast food.

  1. Green smoothies are convenient, go-anywhere food.

Green smoothies only take a few minutes to make, and you can take them anywhere. Blend them the night before and grab them from the refrigerator on your way out the door to work the next morning. You can even store green smoothies in a sealed container and have them for lunch on the go.

  1. Satisfy your sweet tooth with sweet fruits that are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

Green smoothies are sweet—but they are the good type of sweet. The natural sugars in fruits are delivered alongside fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish your body and feed your cells. They are nothing like the “empty calorie” sweets and soft drinks that provide no nutritional benefit.

Fruits like bananas, mangoes, and peaches that make up the base for green smoothies satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me from eating sugary snacks like cookies and caving into other cravings.

Green Smoothie Health Benefits

In addition to the reasons above, green smoothies also have a lot of health benefits. The top benefit is weight loss!

I have interviewed countless people on my website, Smoothies Central, who have lost anywhere from twenty to more than a hundred pounds thanks to green smoothies and a whole foods diet. In every weight-loss story I heard, green smoothies were the catalyst that kicked off a sustainable change leading to successful weight loss.

Another benefit of green smoothies is their ability to support your body’s natural detoxification processes, so this website contains valuable information about detox, cleansing, and antioxidants. Green smoothies are made with the most cleansing foods on the planet—fresh, water-rich fruits and vegetables that are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.

Speaking of fiber, green smoothies are loaded with it. The average American does not consume sufficient fiber in their diet. In fact, there is a whole industry addressing the fiber deficiency in the American diet by selling fiber supplements!

However, the average meal-replacement green smoothie recipe provides almost a day’s worth of fiber. Sufficient dietary fiber is thought to reduce the risk of colon cancer.{1} Fiber also slows down the absorption of sugars, making fruit one of the best, non-fattening sources of carbohydrates.{2} Blending fruits and dark, leafy greens into a creamy smoothie breaks down the food, making digestion easier.

Consuming more fruits and vegetables in one’s diet may also keep a variety of chronic health conditions at bay, including Alzheimer’s,{3} type 2 diabetes,{4–9} high blood pressure,{10–11} high cholesterol,{12–13} heart disease,{14} COPD,{15–17} anxiety and depression,{18–19} Parkinson’s,{20} stroke,{21–22} macular degeneration,{23} and several types of cancers.{24–36} The overwhelming scientific consensus is that people who consume more servings of fruits and vegetables each day have a lower risk of developing diseases or illnesses. Specific foods have been studied and found to provide therapeutic benefits for certain medical conditions, but overall, increased fruit and vegetable consumption correlates with a lower incidence of most chronic health problems.

While green smoothies are not a cure for any disease, nor do they take the place of prescription medications and proven treatments, green smoothies provide optimum nutrition to give your body the best chance of reducing the risk of disease, while potentially providing some therapeutic benefit.

Increased energy is also among the top health benefits attributed to green smoothies. Green smoothies provide the sugar (glucose) that feeds every cell in your body. The healthy carbohydrates in sweet fruit also help fuel your body, whether you are powering through a workout or just going through your day and checking things off your to-do list.

The energy boosts from consuming green smoothies often give people the motivation and stamina to not only begin a workout routine but stick with regular exercise over the long term (as long as they are drinking green smoothies consistently). As a result, green smoothies may help facilitate weight loss through their energy-lifting properties.  

Smoothy Detoxification

The liver is one of the most vital organs since it is involved in almost every aspect of the body’s processes.

The liver plays many critical roles, one of them being the detoxification or removal of foreign substances.

Although there are some juice combinations more geared towards cleansing the liver and gallbladder, the fact is that raw juices of all kinds support liver function on some level.

Naturally, any substance that supports the liver will also improve overall health.  

Anti-aging with Smoothies

With advanced aging there is an increased risk of degenerative diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and arthritis.

Most fruits and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that can help in the treatment and prevention of these and other age related disorders.

Green Smoothies Prevent Obesity and Disease

A rise in obesity has been linked to some common diseases including: diabetes II, coronary heart disease and even some types of cancer.

Fighting obesity through dieting and micro-nutrient supplementation may help prevent or delay the onset of these diseases. 

Juicing for weight loss provides healthy micro-nutrients without overburdening the system with calories or fat.

Power Juicing for Energy

Our lives seem to get more hectic and stressful with every passing day.  If you have children, then you know what is like to try to meet their needs and the demands of your busy schedule.

Juicing can help you recharge your system while maintaining stamina throughout the day, without resorting to caffeine, sugar or other stimulants.  


Phytochemicals are substances found only in plants that are considered to be among the best disease-fighting nutrients. 

Since most of us don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, juicing is a marvelous way to ensure we get our supply of these vital nutrients.

Nutritional Synergy

Juicing provides the added benefit of nutritional synergy.  This means that the power of one nutrient is greatly enhanced when it is combined with another nutrient.

For instance, when vitamins E and C are combined together, they perform at an even greater capacity. The same holds true for beta-carotene, whose benefits are enhanced when combined  with Zinc.

This synergistic effect is greatly magnified when we consume dozens of vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables in the form of juice.

The Role of Fiber

Fibers are present in all plant foods. Categorized as soluble or insoluble, fiber helps to increase bulk, soften stools, and shorten the transit time of food as it moves through the intestinal tract. 

Only the insoluble fiber is removed by the process of juicing.  Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables still contain plenty of soluble fiber.

Soluble fiber dissolves in water and forms a gel that has a cleansing effect on the intestinal tract. Soluble fiber also binds to cholesterol preventing it from getting reabsorbed.

A diet that includes cleansing fiber is vital for maintaining a slim waistline, preventing constipation, bloating, inflammatory bowel disease, and even colon cancer.  

Maximum Absorption

Drinking fruit and vegetable juice bypasses the digestive process. This means that most of the nutrients contained in raw juice are readily delivered to the bloodstream and cells, where your body can use them for healing, nourishing and repairing tissue.

Even though dietary supplements are helpful, the most efficient way to consume essential healing nutrients from whole foods is through freshly prepared juices.

There isn’t a pill or powder that can deliver the nutritional power and live enzymes contained in these vegetables.

Only through juicing can we be sure to consume the minimum recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables that is necessary for optimal health.

Natural vs. Bottled Juice

Bottled juices are certainly a better drink alternative than sodas and other sugary drinks, but they lack the nutritional value of fresh juices.

Bottle juices are pasteurized to improve shelf life.  This means they are boiled to stop the growth of bacteria and other organisms.

Unfortunately, boiling also destroys many of the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and health-giving enzymes contained in the juice. 

If you’re fasting or juicing for weight loss, you need live foods to sustain your body.

Some bottled juices contain added sugar and water, but even if they are 100 percent natural, they cannot match the taste and nutritional value of freshly squeezed juices.

Now that you know why green smoothies are so good for you, it’s time to learn how to turn fresh fruits and dark leafy greens into delicious, weight loss–inducing, life-enhancing nourishment.

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